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(fst) [gurren-lagann] undeniable // a rossiu x kinon fst

( a rossiu x kinon fst )

1. the fray;dead wrong

i'm doing the best that i could
trying my best to be understood
maybe i'm changing slowly
i'd get out turn around if only i--

knew i was dead wrong all along
you said it for my sake
that i would not lose my way
when i was dead wrong all along

mine is not a new story
mine is not a new story
mine is nothing new
but it is for me.

( rossiu is a young man with good intentions but poor execution. he only wants what's best for the people, but his means of sacrificing anything and everything-- even if he'll regret it later-- will get him in trouble. he's trying to carry a large world on his shoulders, and it will soon prove to be too much. )

2. sara bareilles;undertow

silly me, look what i did again.
i found what i want is what i cannot have
i didn’t mean to be so predictable,
but i blame it all on who made you irresistible
and it isn’t something i need 'til you tell me i can’t
why wear my heart on my sleeve? it looks so good in your hands.

my heart breaks in a heart beat
and you storm me when you come and go
the taste of something so sweet should have warned me 'bout the undertow.
oh, i couldn’t find a better man to let me go.

little girl, i don’t know why you stay.
if i had a feather for every time daddy said that i could fly away.
old habits are so hard to break
it’d be a shame to stop now that i’ve started to make really good mistakes.

( meek and quiet kinon is rossiu's subordinate who blindly follows rossiu's orders due to her feelings for him. although rossiu concerns himself with politics and the world more often than her well-being, she remains completely loyal to him, going so far as to turn her back on her family and friends and volunteering for dangerous missions for him. she's the most intelligent of her other sisters, but her feelings seem to lead her to make less-than-intelligent decisions. )

3. anna nalick;catalyst

so you’ve taken these pills
for to fill up your soul
and you're drinking them down with cheap alcohol
and i'd be inclined to be yours for the taking
and part of this terrible mess that you’re making
but me, i’m the catalyst

when you say love is a simple chemical reaction
can’t say i agree
'cause my chemicals, yeah, left me a beautiful disaster
still love’s all i see

so i’m taking these pills for to fill up my soul
and i’m drinking them down with cheap alcohol
and you’d be inclined to be mine for the taking
and part of this terrible mess that i’m making
but you, you’re the catalyst

( they're both making terrible mistakes. his "solutions" for the world are just sacrificing more than they are saving, and she's turning on everyone she loves [because to her, none of them understand him like she does] to be on his side. )

4. maroon 5;tangled

i’m full of regret
for all the things that i’ve done and said
and i don’t know if it’ll ever be ok to show my face 'round here
sometimes i wonder if i disappear
would you ever turn your head and look
see if i’m gone
'cause i fear there is nothing left to say to you
that you wanna hear
that you wanna know
i think i should go
the things i’ve done are way too shameful

you're just an innocent
a helpless victim of a spider's web
and i'm an insect
i'm going after anything that i can get.

( luckily, the world is saved-- for the time being, anyway, but rossiu crumbles under his own guilt. he comes up with a drastic solution to atone for the mistakes he's made... )

5. colbie caillat;the little things

the little things you do to me are taking me over
i wanna show you everything inside of me
like a nervous heart that is crazy beating
my feet are stuck here against the pavement
i wanna break free, i wanna make it
closer to your eyes
get your attention
before you pass me by

back up, back up
take another chance
don't you mess up, mess up
i don't wanna lose you
wake up, wake up
this ain't just a thing that you give up, give up
don't you say that i'd be better off, better off
sitting by myself and wondering
if i'm better off, better off without you, boy.

( ... and for once, kinon doesn't agree with this decision. she can't agree with this, she needs rossiu. )

6. mat kearney;undeniable

you're the only one who stuck it out last night
the only other one who caught the other line
you're the only one when this world collides
the one that i can't deny

it's undeniable, how brilliant you are
in an unreliable world, you shine like a star
it's unforgettable, now that we've come this far
it's unmistakable that you're undeniable

how am i gonna take it away in this winter wind
you found me on a summer breeze
how am i gonna run away when the autumn breaks
now that you found me in the spring
come on and sing it out.

( "thank you, kinon. i'm grateful of our friendship."

she really was one of the few people who stayed close to him when everything was going to hell. she did everything to ensure that rossiu's vision would come to life, as much as it failed. she's the one who alarmed simon when she had a bad feeling from the note he gave her.

not many people are as close to him as she is. )


colbie caillat;oxygen

i came apart inside a world made of angry people
i found a boy who had a dream making everyone smile
he was sunshine, i fell over my feet
like bricks underwater

and how am i supposed to tell you how i feel?
i need oxygen
oh baby, if i was your lady
i would make you happy
i'm never gonna leave, never gonna leave
oh baby, i will be your lady
i am going crazy for you.

( kinon's feelings for rossiu. )

paramore;stop this song! (lovesick melody)

you say the sweetest things
and i can't keep my heart from singing
along to the sound of your song
my stupid feet keep moving

to this 4/4 beat
i'm in time with you
to this 4/4 beat
i would die for you
(someone stop this)

i've gone too far to come back from here
but you don't have a clue
you don't know what you do to me

won't someone stop this song?
so i won't sing along
someone stop this song
so i won't sing.

( ... and those said feelings aren't always good for her, but it's not like the girl can help it. )


you are the strength that keeps me walking
you are the hope that keeps me trusting
you are the life to my soul
you are my purpose
you're everything

and how can i stand here with you and not be moved by you?
would you tell me, how could it be any better than this?

. . .

'cause you're all i want
you're all i need
you're everything

you're all i want
you're all i need
you're everything

( he means the world to her, and her loyalty gives him strength. )


so i put my arms around you, around you
and i know that i'll be leaving soon
my eyes are on you, they're on you
and you see that i can't stop shaking

no, i won't step back, but i'll look down to hide from your eyes
'cause what i feel is so sweet and i'm scared that even my own breath
oh, could burst it if it were a bubble
and i'd better dream if i have to struggle

so i put my arms around you, around you
and i hope that i will do no wrong
my eyes are on you, they're on you
and i hope that you won't hurt me.

( a song for the quiet, submissive subordinate to the new commander-in-chief, who agrees to everything he says
and who can't help but smile back and blush when he smiles at her. )

blue october;a quiet mind

i call baby up. leave me alone.
i'm in pain but i won't let you band-aid my wound
i am mad at a stage where i can't seem to handle my own
(can't even handle my)

and give me a quiet mind and i...
i love you
you give me a quiet mind and i...
i love you
until the end (until the end)

give me strength to be kind... to combine
all the good things in life that are so hard to find
but i have and i won't let them go like i do with my friends (my friends)

( "it looks like there's someone who needs you more than i do."

he's never really admitted that he needs her, too. )



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